A Fan’s Responsibility

Where does responsibility lie.

I am going to use a comparison to start off this post, but I swear it will be quick and painless.  I’m prefacing my comparison because, well, if you’re anything like me, you would rather explain why your girlfriend’s pants make her look incredibly fat and kick back during the ensuing hailstorm of fury than hear anything more about the Dolphin’s bullying story.  But it works so nicely for what I’m about to say and it is so insanely relevant that I just couldn’t resist.

For those of you who have been living under a sports rock for the past two weeks or so, while I envy you, I’ll recap the story quickly.  Richie Incognito is an offensive guard for the Miami Dolphins who has a REALLY bad reputation around the league as just not a good guy.  Jonathan Martin is a second year offensive tackle who also plays for the Dolphins and has some confidence problems (I’m assuming that, but it’s subjective anyways so let’s just roll with it).  Every veteran in the league makes rookies carry their pads and pay for insanely large dinner bills for the team, as a way of initiating the rookies into the league.  Incognito, being the truly not good person that he is, (again, subjective, get off my case), took the whole rookie hazing thing WAY too far.  Martin wasn’t even a rookie any more and Incognito was still hazing him and sending him horrible and racist texts that, even if he was friends with Incognito, are despicable.  Just imagine, sending anyone you work with a racist and horribly degrading text about that person’s family, and tell me just how good of friends you two are after that text.  Well, Martin left the team because, apparently, he can stand up for himself without immediately resorting to violence against someone he works with.  Incognito got removed from the team, and he is pretty upset that his “friend” Martin is letting Incognito take all this blame for being a so called bully.  Alright, that is about as much as I can stand, hope your caught up.

All of this is just background story to the real story.  Whose fault is this bullying case? The obvious answer is Incognito, the guy who actually bullied the younger player.  But then again, Martin should be held responsible for this whole situation since he never stood up for himself and just fought back.  I mean, honestly, why didn’t he just punch Incognito in the face?

Yes, this Dolphin’s argument is really stupid.  So, I’m going to quickly switch over to what actually matters, the Eagles.  Our Birds are going into the Redskins game without a home win in over a year.  Now, most sane people would say that the team needs to play better at home.  However, when one actually looks into the situation, doesn’t it make more sense to blame the fans.  I mean, granted, the fans pay for their tickets which support the team (which that support is only a fraction of the percent to which we tirelessly offer our heart and soul to the success and failure of this team), but it really is our fault that the Eagles haven’t won at home in over a year.  Yes, every game has been sold out.  Yes, we have been there in rain, snow, freezing cold, for hours on end during seemingly endless games which the Birds might as well have not shown up in order to spare us the misery of yet another blowout loss.  These aren’t the reasons why the Eagles can’t win at home.  No, it’s because we boo.  When something goes wrong, when our offense goes three and out early in the game or when the defense can’t get off the field, the players are worried that we are going to start booing them.  The players feel like they aren’t only playing against the opponent, but also their own fans.  It’s the fans who are to blame for this home losing streak, we have been putting too much pressure on the players.  (As I’m reading over this, I am really fighting the urge to go on a tangent and explain how stupid that argument is since our road record, where the team actually has to face the other team and the crowd, is pretty good)

Am I the only person who sees this as insulting.  We don’t play the games, we don’t scout the other teams (well, not professionally), and we pay to be at the game instead of the other way around.  Oh, and by the way, everything that happens on Sunday is our escape from our reality.  Sunday is where we as a city get to forget our jobs, our personal problems, our concerns, and come together as a city.  One city, bonded through the passion for one team. (I sound like a Sixer’s commercial under Doug Collins)

When did we start to blame the victim for what the bully did to them because the victim should have just stood up for themselves?  When did winning become the fans responsibility? Yea, I get that this isn’t the cleanest of comparisons, but I hope your starting to get the main picture behind all of this.  I know that most of the players are not blaming the fans for the losing streak, just as I know most people don’t blame the kid getting picked on.  The point, in both of these situations, is that there are some people who do truly believe that.  I don’t think I will ever understand that side of the argument.

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