Bill Belichick: The NFL’s Barry Bonds

I try as best as I can to be objective when I look at a story. I usually try to restrain a formal, hard-lined opinion on any topic until most of the facts have come out about said topic. However, I am still a sports’ fan at heart.

Furthermore, I am a Philadelphia sports’ fan who has lived 24 years with only one championship in the city.

Meanwhile, I am constantly berated by Boston fans who have seen the Patriots win multiple Super Bowls, the Red Sox win several World Series, the Celtics win a few NBA Championships, and the Bruins win their fair share of Stanley Cups. Boston fans, to me, are the most obnoxious fans in the country, due mainly to the fact that they are so outspoken and self-righteous about any topic that you almost have to concede a point in order to maintain any semblance of friendship.

In a way, I suppose I am annoyed by them since they are similar to the Philadelphia fan. On the whole, our fan bases are knowledgeable about our teams and the leagues, we are both clearly passionate about our teams, and we both expect winning traditions. The only difference is that Boston has a winning tradition while being a Philadelphia fan has a tradition steeped in misfortune and second-guessing.

So, maybe my feelings of hatred are just misplaced emotions of jealousy.

Don’t worry, they aren’t. They are still hatred.

Consider the fact that Boston fans, ESPN analysts based out of Boston, and those misplaced Celtic supporters outside of the upper North East all mocked and even chastised the 76ers for selling off all of their assets in order to expedite their rebuilding efforts. However, once the Celtics brass decide to deploy the same strategy, trading away Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo, suddenly this is a brilliant tanking philosophy, that only the Boston brass could pull off so elegantly.

Not an NBA fan? No problem. Let’s then discuss the Patriots.

The Patriots have been the class of the NFL since 2001 and the Tuck Rule Game allowed them to win their first Super Bowl. After 2001, the Pats have won two more Super Bowls, lost two Super Bowl games, and have been a playoff team seemingly every year.

However, are the Patriots the class of the NFL or are they just making a mockery of it?

I know, that’s a loaded question, especially with how I started this whole article. Therefore, let me take a step back and list out the problems I have with these Patriots.

Belichick has been caught cheating twice now. First, he was caught filming other team’s plays so that he could know what the opposition was going to call before they called it. Then, the Patriots were caught deflating game balls in their last game of these playoffs against the Indianapolis Colts.

Belichick has also been accused of performing illegal substitutions against the Baltimore Ravens by a Super Bowl winning head coach, John Harbaugh, who is not known for making up excuses as to why his team has lost.

Also, let’s add in the fact that several players from different teams, (ie the St. Louis Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, etc.), have claimed that the Patriots knew what plays were going to be run. Several different players have come out from teams who lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl and in playoff games stating that the Patriots would call audibles after hearing what play the other team was running.

Add all of this up and what do you get? A commissioner in a very bad situation.

Goodell is known for his harsh treatment of players who break the rules, whether they be on the field or off the field. The commissioner has come down hard on players, doling out fines and suspensions, for any action that he deems to be wrong. So, doesn’t he have to come down equally as hard on a coach who has committed egregious and continuous wrongs against the league?

If a player were to break a league rule once, the player would most likely get a fine. If they perform a similar action, then they would most likely get fined and suspended. If they performed multiple actions, showed callous disregard for the public opinion of those actions, and were rumored to have been in several other instances of similar situations, well then the commissioner would have to consider banning that player from the league.

Belichick is a Super Bowl winning coach, so I understand that it would be ridiculous to ban him from the league.

However, Barry Bonds probably won’t make the Baseball Hall of Fame and will always be regarded as a flawed record holder due to the fact that he was an arrogant jerk who cheated in order to win his awards. Doesn’t that sound eerily similar to Belichick?

Something needs to be done. I don’t want to hear that the league slapped the Pats on the hand with a fine and loss of a draft pick again (this was the punishment for SpyGate, one which was ultimately a slap on the hand since the fine was pennies for the parties involved and the Pats already had two first round picks, and the other pick was higher than the one that they lost).

No, the league needs to come down hard on Belichick himself and make a statement.

Your move Goodell.

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