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Break Time: The Walking Dead!

Time to take a break from the wild world of sports and get to the good stuff, the Walking Dead.  This will be your only warning, as I am going to ruin this past episode of the Walking Dead for you if you are not all caught up.  So, no complaining about me spoiling anything.  Alright, lets get this done.

So, I came into this week’s episode as excited as I have ever been for this show, mainly because last week was so epically great that I needed to see what would happen next.  Herschel had his greatest episode ever, proving that he is the coolest old guy of all time being able to keep hope alive even after pumping a few shotgun rounds through his patients, having his son in law coughing up blood, and wrestling a zombie in an upside down cage match. Rick finally let Carl do something, and as it turns out, Carl can do things.  He was able to pick up how to shoot an automatic rifle with impeccable accuracy almost immediately.  Have to love that God-given shooting ability.  Last week’s episode gave me everything I look for with this show, you saw great character development, progression in most of the relationships, and some of the coolest zombie fighting scenes of the season.  (Really, if I could see Rick and Carl mowing down a horde of zombies every week I would be the happiest person in the world.)  It also gave me one of my new favorite songs, Oats in the Water by Ben Howard.

Then, we come to this week.  Last week was awesome, but they dropped a hint at the end of the episode that they were going to go away from the prison and show what has happened to the Governor since he went all crazy and slaughtered basically everyone.  It was pretty much guaranteed that they were going to spend at least one episode on it.  I held out hope that they would just show bits and pieces while still staying with the prison, mainly because I hate when shows do this.  They bring back a character then waste a week of my time not developing the plot line at all and just filling time showing stuff that has already happened.  But, as fate would have it, a trip down memory lane for the Gov was dialed up.

The episode starts out showing the Governor seemingly pretty shaken up, he doesn’t seem to be coping so well with murdering dozens of people.  What a shame, right?  He doesn’t even flinch when a walker crawls through fire for him, and if I’m honest, I am pretty pissed at that zombie.  Have to show better court vision to avoid the fire and show a little more hustle when it hit the wood.  Sure, your on the ground, but you have to bust your ass to get your kill, I think the zombie was mailing in that play.  Just one man’s opinion.  Anyways, the Gov’s trusty running mates leave him behind for some reason, and so poor ole Gov is left to go marching along on his own.  This brings me to my second major issue with this episode.  Once I got past my initial anger that we are doing a look how they got here episode, I decided to focus on positives and get excited for some sweet zombie killing.  The one good part about following a maniacal villain is you get some creative kills.  But no, instead, the Governor is avoiding killing zombies! What the hell!? He just walks out of the way of one zombie, then when he goes on his mission to the old folk’s home later in the episode, he legitimately seems scared of the zombies and just runs away.  Where is my psychopathic killer?  Sure, I get it.  He is all torn up over killing all of those people that he is trying to cope with being a monster.  I guess that’s whats going on, not entirely sure.  But still, come on, all I want to see is some bad ass zombie kills, not some distraught pity party.

Moving on though, our boy the Gov finds himself a nice family who immediately welcomes him into their home and starts giving him food and revealing all of their own personal details with this stranger within what seems like a couple of days where the homeless Gov creepily walked around and didn’t say much of anything.  While this seems like a safe end of the world strategy to employ, especially with a dying father who can’t walk and a small child, I don’t think it’s one I would employ.  And, by dying father, I mean he literally dies and almost immediately turns to a zombie.  This is when the Gov finally comes through with the beat down of the episode, right in front of all of the kids.  Problem two with this episode, after the Gov kills the girls’ father directly in front of them, and it was a gruesome smackdown, all of the girls forgive him (one of whom really “thanked him”) almost instantly.

The lone exception being the youngest girl, which brings us to my third issue with this episode.  She is afraid of him after he opens up the old man’s head like a rotten pumpkin.  However, after the group runs into a pack of walkers, both the girls sisters start to run then just look back and yell at the little girl who is frozen in fear.  Now, if I am the little girl and my sister’s start to run when a pack of zombies come without making sure that I am with them, but rather choosing to yell at me then trusting the stranger we have known for about three days who just flattened our dad’s head like a tissue, I am going to be really pissed.

The only redeeming quality of this episode was when the Gov fell into some ditch with the little girl and got a chance to rip the throat out of some zombies.  Literally ripped the throat out of one of them.  I think it was the only moment of the episode where I thought that I was glad I was staying awake to watch this episode.

So, let’s recap.  Such a good episode last week because they developed the plot line, progressed character relationships, had great music, automatic rifles, and most importantly, tons of zombie killings.  This week’s episode disappointed me to no end because it went back in time instead of progressing the storyline, didn’t really show any meaningful relationships, and had the Gov avoiding zombie conflict rather than killing any.  Seriously, the writers of this show have no idea how easy it is to fulfill all of my desires with this show.  Maybe this episode leads up to something big.  Maybe this new family of girls are going to be vitally important and really impact the way everything plays out from here.  I don’t care though.  This week disappointed me to no end and now I have to wait a week and hope that they don’t keep going down this Governor road.  If all of this leads somewhere, then I won’t complain about this episode again.  It’s just the episode you skip when you are re-watching the season in a year or two.  This season has been so good that I can give them an episode.  Just don’t let it happen again AMC.

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