Change is Coming!

Do you sense it?

There’s a breeze overcoming the city.  A soothing, exhilarating wind breathing change throughout our faithful Sixer’s roster.

Maybe I’m making too much out of all of the following signs, but maybe I’m not.  And it’s that chance of a move that I have been waiting for all season long.  And it will be all that I am waiting on all year coming up.

So, the anticipation started building around 5:30 today when I got a text from my roommate warning me that twitter was reporting Sixer’s released Kwame Brown and Darius Morris.  Now, this triggered me to start thinking of any and all possible reasons why Hinkie would choose to let go of Kwame at this point in the season.  Kwame has played a total of zero minutes this season and is under contract with us for the rest of the season for just under $4 million.  Darius Morris apparently signed a 4 year contract with us for just over a million on the year, but I believe the contract is only partially guaranteed.  Why would Hinkie release these two guys right now?  What is the benefit, unless we need some room on the roster to bring on some extra players.

Within about an hour, and extensive freaking out over possible trade options, we discover Hinkie signed Elliot Williams and Lorenzo Brown, two young 6’5 guards with tons of potential but never quite lived up to anything respectable at the NBA level.  From what I understand, Williams is the more talented player, but suffered a knee injury during his time with the Blazers.  They are both lanky, athletic guards who excel at getting to the rim but can’t really shoot.  I think that’s the only type of player Hinkie looks for.  My man has a type! So much for the roster spots for a trade.

But why would Hinkie cut a 6’4 point guard and a 7’1 center and replace them with two 6’5 guards?  Could it be because Hinkie has a deal in place to get rid of a certain 6’7 forward named Turner.  Turner is pretty valuable due to his height on defense and the boards, as well as his ball handling ability.  Bringing in two guys with pretty good height would be a decent way to supplement a loss like that.  This is what my mind immediately starts going through with Hinkie.

Then, the game starts.  Sure the Sixer’s game started, but more importantly, the game Hinkie was playing started getting good.  Thaddeus Young is sitting out of the game due to personal reasons. While there may be a true personal reason for Young to sit out of the game, if so I wish him the best, this is way to coincidental of an excuse to not be with the team.  So, why sit Young out? Could it be because he is part of a trade with a team that is also playing tonight? A team that is looking for a tremendous small ball four who can rebound, defend, score in the paint, get out in transition, and apparently shoot the three.  I’m thinking that there is a trade out there in the NBA tonight.  I will spare you my endless trade chances and guesses for another column since this entire article is a perfect example of how to speculate out in a public forum.  Trust me, reporting is overrated.

The point is, something is going on here.  I will be damned if there isn’t a point to this whole series of moves happening.  I see you Hinkie, I see you.  Now, make it snappy, I’m not a patient man.

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