Fantasy Team!

The wait is officially over!!

I have finally had my first of two fantasy football drafts.  As promised, I will detail out all of my picks so that I can be critiqued and judged throughout the season.  This league is an eight team league and it is standard scoring, meaning no points per reception.

Now, let’s get to it.


Colin Kaepernick – I did not enter into this draft with Kaepernick being my number one choice for quarterback.  I knew I was most likely not going to get Peyton, Brees, or Rodgers.  Therefore, I began this draft with a couple of quarterbacks in mind.  My number one desire was Jay Cutler.  I know he is not a great QB, but my thinking is that he has so many weapons (a la Marshall, Jeffrey, Bennett, and Forte) and a weak defense.  Much like Tony Romo is a hot commodity this year due to weapons and terrible defense, only Cutler is ranked higher for me because of three reasons.  First, and most importantly, he is not a Cowboy.  Secondly, the Bears weapons are better than the Cowboys.  Finally, Cutler isn’t coming off a surgery over the off season.  However, Kaepernick slid down the draft, and I couldn’t resist picking him up.  I am not incredibly high on him, but he was one of the best fantasy quarterbacks last year when he had Michael Crabtree in the lineup, his favorite target.  And, as fate may have it, Crabtree is back and healthy this year.  So, this was an upside pick.

Philip Rivers – This is my back up plan.  I was able to pick up Rivers late in the draft in order to stabilize my quarterback situation.  In case Kaepernick does not maintain his elite play with Crabtree, or if Crabtree gets injured again, I took Rivers to supplant him.  Rivers offers a steady hand in fantasy, as he had a phenomenal year last year and should only look to improve upon that season.

Running Backs:

Doug Martin – Not much to explain with this pick.  Due to the fact that I was picking seventh out of eight, I wasn’t able to get one of the elite running backs in this class.  Therefore, I focused on other positions early in the draft expecting to just overload my bench with a lot of high upside players and hoping for the best.  Now, get prepared to be shocked and startled by how great things turned out of me.  Doug Martin fell down the draft board thanks to his rough year last year.  With Lovie Smith down in Tampa, I have high hopes for Martin this year.

Ben Tate – As I was saying before, I decided to go after a lot of running backs with upside, and Tate was who I was targeting with that in mind.  He is going to be the number one running back in Cleveland, he is a good receiver which will enable him to be a three down back, and Cleveland will most likely be a top five team in terms of rushing attempts this year due to their terrible quarterback situation and lack of wide receivers.  All Tate needs to do is be average in terms of yards per carry and he will be worth it for me due to how many touches I expect him to have.

Fred Jackson – This is a touchdown pick for me.  Jackson is the number two back for Buffalo and he will see the majority of the red zone touches for the Bills.  Therefore, I am banking on a lot of touchdowns and I am betting that Spiller won’t make it through the whole season unscathed.

Knowshon Moreno – This was actually my last pick in the draft.  I have no idea how or why he slid.  Maybe it’s because he won’t have Peyton Manning throwing to him or maybe it’s because he is splitting time in the Dolphins backfield.  Either way, I am not concerned, as he is still the most talented player in Miami’s running back stable.  He will get plenty of carries and touches this year, and I am really high on him as a backup.

Danny Woodhead – I took Woodhead as depth for the position, as he will probably give me 400 rushing yards and 650 receiving yards.  I can deal with that.  However, I am trying to add a player to be named later, and Woodhead will be the casualty if it all works out.

Wide Receivers:

Demaryius Thomas – This was my second round pick.  Love Thomas as he has proven he is a top three receiver in this league and he will get more passes thrown his way with the loss of Decker and Moreno.  Not much else to be said.

Jordy Nelson – Was able to get Nelson right after Thomas, to cement my starting receivers.  I am really banking on him and Rodgers coming back strong this year.  Nelson is a top tier wide receiver who also consistently produces touchdowns.  I am high on him this year.

Cordarrelle Patterson – Don’t worry, I am not going to repeat what every analyst and NFL talking head has said.  Patterson is going to be a stud this year.  Do yourself a favor and watch him make NFL players look like high schoolers.

Michael Floyd – Picked up Floyd as someone primed for a big year.  He somewhat broke out last year when he topped a thousand yards receiving.  However, Fitzgerald is getting older and the Cardinals defense suffered major blows by losing Washington and Dockett, their two best players.  This means that the Cardinals will need to throw the ball more since I think they will be trailing a lot more this year than they were last year.  Couple that with the fact that Larry Fitz is getting older, Floyd should get more looks.

DeAndre Hopkins – This is purely speculative on my part.  Texans have a bad QB situation, but I am banking on Hopkins taking a leap and being too good to not make plays this year.

Tight Ends:

Jimmy Graham – My first round pick, I took the guy who is a level above everyone else at his position.  Having Graham instantly allows me to win this position every week.

Martellus Bennett – Quite possibly, the best back up tight end I could get.  He is a top five fantasy TE, and I will use him primarily as trade bait.


St. Louis Rams – Even without Michael Sam, this defense is filthy.  They have pass rushers, solid linebackers, and a good special teams unit.


Mason Crosby – I could care less about my kicker, if I am being honest.  So, I picked up the Packers kicker, who has a big leg and is pretty consistent.

There it is.  Have at it.  This season is yours now to enjoy my team’s dominance.  Special thanks to Sam Hinkie, as I channeled him for this draft.

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