Ok, so I might have been a little premature with my previous post.  So far, no trades.  Looks like the sitting of Thad Young might have been for an actual reason, apart from a trade.  So sue me for being passionate and invested.  Isn’t that the point.


It’s what makes us wake up in the morning and go to a job we don’t care for.  It’s what makes up believe in a brighter tomorrow when the night is at its darkest.  It’s what causes us to believe that a team can convert a first down on a fourth and 26.  It’s what makes us think that we aren’t alone when we only know how to deal with isolation.  It’s what brings us to follow a team that we know is competing to be the worst in the league on the year.

It is this hope in the team that makes me believe that this season means more than just a bad record.  The Sixers are going to be bad this year.  We are going to be incredibly bad.  But I am still forever intrigued.  Why? It is because I have hope.  Hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today was.  Hope that the best choices have been made.  Hope that the right change is bound to come.  I truly believe that we are in the midst of a terrific and great change.

So there was no trade last night

But, the fact is that, last night was just a microcosm of what is to come for this season.  Every sign, every move, indicates change.  And what could be more beautiful to stagnancy than change.  It is all that one can hope for.  And so, we come back to hope.

The world is cold, harsh, and unforgiving.  But you can still find a warm place to call home with the hope that something bigger and better is coming.  There is a change that is coming to this Sixer’s team.  Just wait.  Your hope will not go unnoticed.  And as long as you maintain your hope, you will find a passion that can drive you.

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