Two of My Favorite Hobbies – TV and Basketball

So, last week, I made it pretty well known that I did not enjoy the previous Walking Dead.  I should probably specify, I loathed last week’s episode.  It was like the writers intentionally spit in my face.  I know they had figured out the keys to writing a good episode, because they had been cranking them out all this season.  They brought it to the apex with the episode “Internment” only to crush all of my hopes with “Live Bait”.  To go from the family love of Rick and Carl mowing down walkers with some automatics to seeing the Governor donning a really bad fake beard and suffering from remorse and post traumatic stress was about as rough of a shock as I could take.  I couldn’t believe that the writers would do that to me, and then set up another Governor episode.  It was like they were deliberately flipping us off. But it did make me realize something cool about television.

You see, the writers of the Walking Dead know exactly what their show is. It’s the best show on television right now, but it isn’t as dominant as some other great shows.  I compare it to the NBA Draft.  The Walking Dead is Nerlens Noel, the consensus best player in a fairly week draft class.  While Noel has some clear flaws, lack of a low post move, injured ACL, no jump shot, and lack of an NBA body, he was by far the best player in the draft. Sure, there are shows like the Blacklist which are really good, but they still don’t have the name recognition or the storyline to really compete with the elite shows.  Maybe in a few years the Blacklist will be competing with the big boys, but right now it is showing some serious promise. It’s our boy MCW, he has all the stats, but his shooting percentage isn’t all that great and he has some clear flaws to his game, but I will be damned if there isn’t some serious talent there. For right now though, the Walking Dead is the strongest show out there, and while some other people might find some other shows as their favorites, hell some might even try and say that the Big Bang Theory is the best show, but then again, they are the ones who would draft Anthony Bennett first overall.

The fact of the matter is, though Nerlens Noel is a great talent, he would not be the best player out of the draft this year.  Breaking Bad is there, the Andrew Wiggins of TV.  It has everything, athleticism, shooting, defense, and a workhorse. Breaking Bad combined everything we wanted in a show, and it was still on the basic cable.  The Newsroom is out there too, just not thought about often.  It’s Marcus Smart.  Whenever people are ranking the best shows, most people completely forget about the Newsroom.  It’s probably because it isn’t on the main networks, its on HBO, which a lot of people don’t get on their normal cable package.  However, when people actually watch a couple of episodes, they immediately add it to the top of the list.  Oklahoma State keeps Marcus Smart pretty well hidden down there out of the limelight of the Kentucky’s, Kansas’, and Dukes.  However, you can’t hide some of the performances that Smart has had, he forces you to watch his games to put him right in the equation as the top players in the draft.  While he has some incredible talent, he is still not in the Wiggin’s club.  The Newsroom is an incredible show, but it still comes up short of Breaking Bad.

Then there is the Wire. For me, it is that show that everyone always yells at me that I should go and watch it, but I never really got into all the hype.  I trust that it is really good, I believe what everyone is telling me, but I just can’t buy into all the hype.  I see the pure talent is there, I just don’t buy it.  The Wire is Randle.  Sure, I trust everyone telling me that Randle is insanely talented, I see the talent on the court, but there are just so many problems I see with his game.  It just looks like he tries to bully his way to the rim, and if he can’t get there, its a turnover.  I haven’t seen much of an ability to pass out of the post, or handle the ball, but he does have terrific touch around the rim.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe the Wire is one of the best shows, but I just can’t get into it. I think Randle will be an All-Star in the NBA, but I just do not want to build my franchise around him since I don’t think that he is the elite player that maybe Wiggins or Parker can turn in to.

So, if we learned anything, it is really possible for the Philadelphia 76ers to be the station that airs Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, and the Blacklist.  If that was the lineup on any night, I am pretty sure I would rearrange my life around that day every week.  There is a pretty good chance I am going to have to center my life around the Sixers next year.  It is going to be so difficult to focus my life around TV, since I clearly don’t watch enough.

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