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War of the Worlds

I was all set to write about Nerlens Noel and the Sixers Vegas Summer League team losing to the Chicago Bulls and Douggy McBuckets’ team, but then I came across possibly one of the most terrifying articles I have ever read.  A concept that is so horrifying that it is is surely a sign of the end of times, the true apocolypse, armagedon.

No, I am not talking about the Ukranian/Russian standoff, although that is pretty horrible and terrifying in its own right.  Likewise, I am not referring to Israel sending ground forces into Gaza, an equally terrifying ordeal.  No, what I read which brought chills to my spine and made me call my mom for reassurance that the world is not going to end outweighs both of these conflicts.  That is because what I saw will surely affect each and every living thing on this planet.  I will give you a hint.

If this isn’t clear enough, let me explain further.

Scientists have now developed a robot that can change its state from liquid to solid and vice versa.  This robot can even self-heal it sustains by turning liquid and forming back into a solid state! Basically, what I am telling you is that scientists have developed the T-1000 robot from Terminator 2.  If science fiction history tells us anything, this is the beginning of the end of all life on earth as we descent into the upcoming war with robots.

Anette Hosoi, a professor at MIT, is the person who will be culpible for the downfall of civilization as she developed this robot to aid doctors performing surgeries and to assist with search-and-rescue operations.

Surgically, these robots could theoretically move throughout a person’s body to get to a tricky location without damaging any organs on the way.  For search-and-rescue procedures, these robots can get into tight spaces by turning into a liquid and then form a solid being in order to assist people and move debris.

Apparently, the robots are built out of mainly foam and wax.  The inside of the robot is foam, which enables the robot to be condensed to a fraction of its normal size and then can immediately bounce back to its original state.  The wax covers the outside of the robot and can melt when the wires running throughout the robot add a small amount of heat.  This process would also allow the robot to heal any damage it has sustained.

This is all well and good and it sounds like these robots are being designed to help people.  However, isn’t that how all of those science fiction movies start?!  There is no way that the robots could or would ever harm people, until they decide that they don’t need us anymore.

This robot is just the beginning, we are developing technology that is going to be the start of the robot revolution.  This T-1000 clone is just an example of where things are heading.

All I know for sure is that I am going to start an extensive search for anyone named John Connor and become best friends with them!

As for the Sixers

Unfortunately our championship aspirations are over.  We are going to have to settle with only being the Orlando Summer League Champs.

Nerlens played well, except for the fact that he got injured again.  Fear not!  He only got a cramp in his hamstring, which we went to the locker room for.  He came back out and saw a little more action but appeared to be hindered slightly still by it.

From all indications, this was an injury due to his body not quite being in the proper game shape.  He is still a ways away from being in peak game shape, and since the Sixers play at such a fast pace, he will need to get there quickly if he wants to avoid further injuries like this one.

Jordan McRae, one of our second round picks, again played very well, putting up 25 points while only missing one shot on the night.  He has an awkwardness to his game that lends itself to scoring, but I am intrigued to see how it translates over to the big leagues.

Around the sports world

The Phillies are in talks with the Mariners over Marlon Byrd while it appears the Dodgers want to pick up Papelbon.  The Eagles are still the Eagles.  Drake did a pretty decent job hosting the ESPY’s, which I am a little disappointed with since I was hoping to watch him comically fail.  Credit to where credit is due though.

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