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Welcome to the First Breaking Point

It started with the Eagles.  Living through the Andy Reid era of football, where the fans were portrayed as idiots for ever wanting to move on from a coach whose success and control over his players deteriorated ever since he lost our lone Super Bowl appearance.

It continued when the Phillies decided that the only way to win World Series was to go out and sign the max free agents, regardless of how much they were asking for or how old they may be, and desperately cling on to the aging veterans that were on our championship team.

I thought it was over when the Flyers took down the Penguins in a series that put up more points than the Eagles put up all of last year.  But apparently, that team was just a ruse.  Now, asking Claude Giroux to get his team to put up more than 2 goals a game is more daunting than turning over his first born.

I had so much hope when the Sixers traded our future for the 7 foot hair model known as Bynum.  But in order to spare me some misery, I’ll stop thinking about the Kwame Brown Sixers.

Instead, I decided to start this post, a place to vent on all things sports. No, it won’t necessarily be a Philadelphia sports blog, but more just anything that strikes my fascination.  More times than not, it’s going to end up being an article on Philly sports teams, but who am I to limit the scope of the blog. Just like Lavoy Allen on defense, I don’t really care where things go from here, just as long as I’m along for the ride.


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Random Thoughts

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